Friday, May 1, 2009

Prior to Little San Salvador, we were in Fernandez Bay, Cat Island. Cat Island is a very friendly island known for its traditional African religious practices, including abandoning houses once the grandparents
die to allow the spirits to live in peace. Cat Island is also known as the home of Rake and Scrape music, Bahamain music using a heated goat skin drum, saws with a screw driver and an accordion.

At the local Rake and Scrape, we met a pilot from Crystal Lake (like Scott and Kendall)
who offered a tour of the corporate jet to the kids. We also met Evan, the manager of the Fernandez Bay resort who was from Michigan. All 5 kid boats descended on the resort and enjoyed a tour of a 25 million corporate jet. The pilot, Alain and the co-pilot, JT, got tours of our much less expensive boats and happy hour in the evening. Alain then piled all of us into a rent a truck for a visit to the famous Hermitage,
a sanctuary built by a retired priest at the highest point in the Bahamas, modeled after an Italian shrine. To top it off, Alain buzzed the anchorage in the jet on the way home. The site of a jet going 450
knots directly over head will not be forgotten soon.