Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rum Cay and SCUBA 101

Rum Cay is an island of less than 100 residents and for several years has been constructing a marina that is to be the biggest in the Bahamas. The seas became glassy smooth for several days allowing us to view the crystal clear reefs 50’ down. After a home schooling SCUBA course off the transom, we set out to the reef. With our 4 person hookah dive system and 75’ each of hose, we went diving. The lack of tank, straps, and BC is really liberating with the hookah system. Parker and Sabrina dove like they had been doing it all their lives. Parker then saw a large barracuda and “flipped out”, heading back to the dingy. He had been reading the “dangerous animals” book from the library, which included parrot and blue fish in the list. Again 80% of the canyon style reef system was dead.
That evening we went ashore and were greeted by swarms of blood seeking ‘squeeters. To get ashore, we had to do gymnast moves up the fish gut covered rag tag steps to the pier. That evening, we dined with fellow boaters at Kay’s bar and restaurant. From the rubble street you walk in on a sandy path and continue walking on a sand floor into the bar! We are welcomed and graciously served as the kids are playing pool.
The following day we dove again hoping Parker would regain his confidence. All of Rum Cays’ reefs lacked edible fish and lobsters. Rum Cay WiFi was the best wifi we have seen in the Bahamas outside of Starbucks. We could Skype from our boat and spent several hours taking care of business and reaching out to family and friends. Never would I have thought there would be high speed internet access in a place like this. Angie was in internet heaven.

Scuba 101

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