Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Sabrina

Most of the Rocques are virtually uninhabited because the killer black mosquitoes are such a menacing force. You can feel their blood seeking bayonets sinking in deep when they attack!! Our strategy with the enemy was to avoid mangroves, low wind areas, and being close to shore thus minimizing: land to sea attacks, air strike damages (bites) and making refueling difficult. In reserves were the no see ums that further dissuaded us from stepping on shore in many areas. Dos Tortugas was particularly menacing, day or night, it didn’t matter. It was a government funded turtle research and hatching center in the middles of nowhere with a couple of people acting as blood donors, researchers, and turtle ranchers. Razing baby turtles in captivity increased their chance of survival by almost 50X! It works because they have no parents, only instincts to guide them to the sea. The scenery was as close to postcard perfect island paradise as one could imagine. ‘Tis true nothing in life is perfect or without some flaw. Sabina celectrated her ninth birthday with a family party, horse cake and a homemade present from each of us. The malls in Margarita also provided a horse calendar and horse Barbie for our equestrian daughter.