Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy 10th Birthday Parker

There were a few other boats in the bay when we came screaming in. One in particular was a new Ocean Cat called Harmony. A stretched out tricked out cat from the early designers of our Manta cat. It had 4’ bridge clearance and sailed at 2/3 wind speed! Out of the 10 boats in the harbor, 6 were kid boats! On the Cruzheimbers net, Angie announced our location and Parker's birthday. The next boat checking in said, we are also in Thompson's bay with an 8 year old on board. Angie calls them up and adds another kid to the birthday party list.
Lisa showed us a hike through the coconut grove to the ocean beach. The beach was spectacular. The kids remained on the bay beach to build another fort and be pirates for any unsuspecting boaters landing their dinghy on the shore. Argh! We loaded up on coconuts that were piled up waiting to be disposed of by burning them!
Eric, Sue, Peta, and Elzabeth, an English family on board Tabitha, were fast friends for the few days we were together. Eric showed me how to husk coconuts with a machete. I can now ad that to my hunter-gatherer resume of family provider skills. The girls were delightful children and great pirates with their British accents.
We celebrated Parkers special day with a boat load of kids in the afternoon. Kids bought home made cards, books, and small games. Parker had a real birthday party with few purchased gifts. no organized fun. Just kids on the beach playing. The $7/gallon ice cream and cake were a real treat in the middle of nowhere. That evening we had movie night on board as we had sundowners in the cockpit. Parker had a great day!
The next day, we need to provisioning as there were no stores in the Jumentos. The mailboat comes in and it’s a good day because we can get eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, and a few other “fresh” items that are not spoiled, rotten, or smashed. Expiration dates mean nothing here or anywhere in the Bahamas, you must rely on your sense of sight, smell, and taste. The fuel in Long Island was unbelievably cheap and of good quality thanks to ESSO international upgrading the facility. We are ready for the out islands.