Sunday, June 10, 2007

Get Me Outta Here

Sweating like a pig, except I don’t think pigs sweat, we stripped off and secured everything above deck for hurricane season and opportunity seekers. The last night we treated ourselves to the motel across the street and met a lovely pulmonologist and her daughter. She, with her personal bodyguard spoke of the murder a day, 240 kidnappings in a single year for extortion, and a huge drug problem.

We were picked up at 10:45 a.m. (scheduled time 11:00), Angie still in her towel from the shower, for a 3:00 p.m. flight. Upon arrival the flight was Really delayed. Let’s get the famous East Indian doubles while waiting. What is a double exactly? Well it started out as a “single” round piece of fried flat bread rolled up with a chick pea based filler, some “Trini” sauce, and the optional black sauce from hell that melts your eyeballs into your brain. Following the marketing success of super sizing it, they started using two pieces of bread, “double”. We all enjoyed all of parts of them.. me the fire burning sauce.

At security, we were separated by sex, ask to remove every accessory, then pranced through and patted down in our knickers practically. Locals wearing big gold chains, baggy pants, hoody jackets walk on by as the red lights nearly explode off the graph. They look at them and don’t even pat them down (wouldn’t want to offend them or wand them or anything!! Today is the day of the breaking story of Trinis attempting to blow up JFK. Security was TIGHTED today.

As the sun is setting, we our wearily boarding our lunch time flight to Miami. Nice new age music is playing at a non-deafening volume, “complete” white smiles of the stewardesses and functioning A/C, are a reminder of what we left behind 9 months ago. Within a half hour we had our bags and were on the Crown Plaza shuttle for a night of pure decadence! The sheets were turned down over the goose down comforter. At the head of the bed was a selection of pillows numbering more than I could count. Everything worked and was like brand new. Aaahhh, its good to be back!